Yori Olijslagers

Yori Olijslagers is a producer, drummer and music director. Yori currently produces new music under the observant eye of acclaimed experts. Residing at music hub Dock Zuid he is creating new tracks and working towards his debut EP. Yori has recently been selected as Urban Arts Talent 2019-2020 and is supported by the Cultural Participation Fund. A journey in which he teams up with famed LA-based producer JNTHN STEIN.


Until 2015 Yori Olijslagers engaged in various projects as a producer, drummer and music director. For the last 12 years he toured all over the world, with Kyteman, Pete Philly, Dotan, Willem de Bruin (Opposites) and many more.

Since 2015 Yori decided to focus on his career as a producer. During writing sessions at ‘Wisseloord House of Music’ he produced music for himself and others. These sessions validated his enthusiasm for a career as a producer. In the upcoming months, Yori will be releasing new tracks. His first track has been released in August 2019, called ‘Everything’, ft. Jeruma.


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