Musical podcasts in your pocket

Powered by TINC - 21 May 2019 - 0 comments

Written by Mieke Berende

What do you do while you commute to work? Do you read a newspaper? Listen to your favourite music? I’m a big fan of both podcasts and music. At the beginning of this year, I discovered podcasts about music. It seems like a radio show, although it’s not live. It is the ultimate combination of listening to music and enjoying the chatty element of a podcast.

Podcasts are audio broadcasts. They are mainly available on the internet, usually for free.
These podcasts can involve any subject; for this reason they can be created by anyone, at any time. Podcasts are a nice way for the listener to learn about something new. They often harbour an educational aspect. Music podcasts offer a way to discover new music and genres.

There are some interesting aspects to podcasts in regard to the music industry. They seem to grasp the attention of an audience that the artist normally wouldn’t have reached. On the other hand, they can be too genre specific for people to listen to. Other than that, you usually have to wait a little while before the new episode gets released, which can make the listener lose interest.

There are different formats for podcasts. The structure can be based on interviews, or just on a ‘regular’ conversation. Usually, the host will give some backstory about the music he is going to play on the podcast, which makes the songs you hear more memorable. In comparison to a radio show, most podcasts do not have any ads in between songs; some are sponsored by relevant companies. The music podcasts seem to vary from a radio-based to an interview-based format. Because you only need your phone for listening to these podcasts, you can download the episode on your phone and listen to it whenever. So far, podcasts don’t seem to disturb the musical landscape, however, we don’t know how they will develop in the future.

I have yet to discover more podcasts about music and I’m looking forward to dive into this subject. So far I listened to a few Dutch podcasts, such as ‘KINK fast’ by Bram de Wijs, which is all about pop-punk music. ‘Klap van de Molen’ by David Achter de Molen discusses music and has interviews with different music peers. So far, I’m a big fan of music podcasts. I’m curious to hear what you think! How do you feel about podcasts? Do you often listen to them? Have you ever listened to a music podcast? What are your favorite podcasts? Share your thoughts and ideas on this subject by reaching out: