Vera Hofman

Conductor and flautist Vera Hofman is known by her everlasting, catchy enthusiasm; whether she is in search for new soundscapes with her musical duo The Hair, or working with acclaimed composers from all over the world. Vera is always looking for inspiring collaborations and projects that change her perspective of the world around her. In this process she looks for a way to share these new musical landscapes with her audience.

Vera Hofman is raising the game.

— Harrie Wenting

Schrijver Eindhovens Dagblad

The Next Ensemble

One of the main themes in Vera’s work is the rare energy and momentum that only music can offer. In her art as a conductor, Vera found ways to grasp this state of mindfulness. An orchestra can only create this joint energy when every member puts aside their individual interests. When the orchestra controls this technique and state of mind, the audience gets carried away by Vera’s world.


Imke de Feber