Join the dialogue!

After a succesful launch and first edition, we are happy to invite you to Stepping Stone online dialogue #2 on January 29th 2021 from 2pm to 4pm.

The COVID-19 pandemic confronts us with systemic strengths and weaknesses. Let’s grasp this opportunity to zoom in on how these impact us and what we can do about it. Together with creators, promoters and other members of the music scene, we want to put a spotlight on the obstacles and pitfalls, but also on the potential solutions and possibilities we can all benefit from. Join us in our ambition to contribute to a future-proof and healthy music scene by attending our online dialogue #2.

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Past events…

Stepping Stone: Online dialogue #1 – October 2th 2020

The first online dialogue dealt with the mindshift towards a creator-centered approach. Anne Konings made a scribe during the dialogue.