Are you dealing with questions about the appliance or strategy for financing by governmental funds? This is your chance to meet the experts! This fall, we invite you to apply for the ‘TINC table talks’.  We have a limited number of available chairs at the table, so sign up on time via our calendar!

We are excited to announce the first three TINC table talks for which we partnered up with Kunstloc Brabant. Kunstloc is the execution of the regional cultural fund in the province of Noord-Brabant. Together with Kunstloc and the other participating music creators we will – collectively – discuss your questions, and advise you on possible financing strategies. Remember: your questions are leading for this conversation; make sure you define the challenges in your course towards financing.

If you’re interested in this subject but don’t know what questions to ask yet, we offer you the option to join and listen without participating.

“Together with other music creators and the experts of Kunstloc and Powered by TINC I shared a meaningful conversation about finance and financial strategies in the musical landscape. We’ve discussed four unique cases during a table talk at Dock Zuid. It was inspiring and encouraging to learn about projects which are in construction by fellow music creators, who have been investing in the same sector-related challenges as me.”

— Vera Hofman

Flautist and conductor

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