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Jazz World Cafe at inJazz festival


Powered by TINC initiated the Jazz World Cafe, hosting a dialogue for international collaborations between music creators and cultural organisations. In collaboration with BumaCultuur, we’ve chosen the inJazz festival as the kick-off for of the Music World Cafe concept.

InJazz is the largest showcase festival and jazz conference in the Netherlands, hosted by LantarenVenster, Bruno Meeting Room and Walhalla Kantine in Rotterdam.

The Jazz World Cafe invited music creators to think and act differently about their international carreers. During the Jazz World Cafe, small groups shared their ideas around the main topic in multiple rounds.

Surrounded with great enery and people we gathered insights such as ‘think bigger than you’ and ‘link up your network’; also captured in a cartoon by Wim Pontier.

The afternoon was hosted by Sandra Gevaert. Do you want to call upon Music World Cafe, to discuss a topical subject within the current cultural climate? Keep in touch with Imke de Feber. Upcoming editions of the Music World Cafe will be announced soon!

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