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Dock Zuid – sustainable entrepreneurship


Based in Tilburg, Dock Zuid is building a centre for professional music. A physical hub for cultural organisations, entrepreneurs and multiple genre-leading artists to research, develop and innovate music. Dock Zuid’s aim is to realise a sustainable musical landscape in which artists can inspire each other and their city.

Dock Zuid operates a pilot location at Ringbaan Oost 8.12 in Tilburg. Currently four musicians have taken up residence in it: pianist and composer Telderman, composer Dyane Donck, flautist and conductor Vera Hofman and producer Yori Olijslagers. These pioneering musicians embody the ambition of shaping a sustainable musical landscape and a new cultural climate.

While the studio’s were being built, over 20 music creators, ensembles and organisations from all over the province already showed an interest in participating in the innovative concept. Embracing the ambition of working together under one roof with multiple creators, cultural organisations and entrepreneurs.

Because of the reinforcing effect of this method of collaborating, Dock Zuid is growing rapidly. The organisation is currently empowering its network, while working with the Province of Noord-Brabant and municipality Tilburg to realise a larger location for Dock Zuid in two years.

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