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Avans: Expertisecenter Sustainable Business


On the 14th of June 2019 The Expertisecenter Sustainable Business (ESB, Avans) presented two lectoral speeches. In their speeches Kaj Morel (lector New Marketing) and Godelieve Spaas (lector Sustainable Strategy and Innovation) shared their inspiring and personal visions on the future economy. Pianist TELDERMAN transformed these stories, creating unique moments to share with an attentive audience.

The Expertisecenter Sustainable Business represents a group of researchers at Avans Hogeschool. Their mission is to realize sustainability in business. Powered by TINC aims to create a sustainable future for music creators. These missions associate on multiple levels.

TELDERMAN added the magic of music to this ESB event: “In the consultation with Kaj and Godelieve, I realized that music could be more than just adding a human dimension. Isn’t music playing with time? Playing with moments? That is why music is possibly the most suitable form of art to capture and allow a special moment like this.”

Powered by TINC creates the space that talented creators need to make memorable moments like these happen. Do you want a music creator to think along about the magic of your event, business or course ahead? Contact Imke de Feber at Powered by TINC.

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