Stepping Stone is an international collaboration platform and community aimed at empowering musicians towards sustainable international careers.

Stepping Stone is an international collaboration platform and community aimed at empowering musicians towards sustainable international careers.

In these times we see a growing need for bottom-up change and co-creation initiatives around the globe. We have become more aware of our own possibilities as well as our connectedness and collective wisdom and power. Besides, music needs to regain and reclaim its value in human civilization. Musicians and supporting organisations are challenged to step up to contribute and collaborate in new ways.

The purpose of Stepping Stone is to support and stimulate these new ways of collaborating and creating that will emerge, by connecting people and offering a common ground, an inspiring community and practical stepping stones for its realisation. Stepping Stone is a collaboration platform and community aimed at empowering musicians towards sustainable international careers. Different projects and methodologies can find a home on the common ground of Stepping Stone, leaving ownership and initiative entirely with the initiators.

Participants are musicians and music professionals, who are open to new ways of collaborating in the world of music: bottom-up, open-minded, committed to contribute and share, appreciative and supportive, playful and responsible, sustainable.

Join the family!

Unfamiliar to working with Slack? You can join by sharing your name, organisation/artist name, and your function. Feel free to leave us a comment why Stepping Stone appeals to you, and what you see as its potential for you?

Rogier Telderman

creative at Powered by TINC
co-founder Stepping Stone

Mik Torfs

director Jazzlab Gent

Steven Kamperman

creator Steven Kamperman

Marieke Meischke

producer So What’s Next

Svenja Doeinck

producer NICA Stadgarten

Antonio Fernandes

manager, agent, virtual/digital assistant Makuma

Yuri Rhodenborgh

creator Yuri Rhodenborgh

Vivienne Aerts

creator Vivienne Aerts Vervool
project manager Berklee Effortless Mastery Institute

Rosalie Genay

creator Rosalie Genay

Mathilde Löffler

jazz journalist 

Judith Kobus

publicist Cubus Music

Steven Henry

creator Steven Henry
artistic director MuST Foundation
contact person Rodinia

Phil Meadows

saxophonist, composer, connductor Phil Meadows
artistic director Engines Orchestra
managing director Musicians’ Movement
educator National Youth Jazz Orchestra, University of Kent, Phil Meadows’ Online Jazz Schoo

Lobke Aelbrecht

production Jazzlab Gent
member EJN
co-founder Stepping Stone

Imke de Feber

creator Afero
marketeer at Powered by TINC

Martel Ollerenshaw

creative producer Sound Out

Wim Wabbes

programmer Handelbeurs

Bram Stadhouders

creator Bram Stadhouders

Stijn Viaene

sound engineer, hal rental & ‘material master’ MUDA Kunstsecundair

Folker Tettero

creator Folker Tettero

David Shooter

creator Guerrilla Biscuits

Lizon Lavaud

project manager Le Bureau Export

Wesley Stephenson

programmer Jazz North East 
festival producer Newcastle Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music

Viktor Haraszti

creator ViOmusic

Judith Kobus

publicist for the German speaking countries Cubus Music

Andrew Neil Hayes

creator Run Logan Run, Andrew Neil Hayes

Marie Lilholt

executive director Swinging Europe

Sandra Gevaert

social entrepreneur Morosoph
co-founder Stepping Stone

Carlo de Wijs

developer D-Sound Hub
creator Carlo de Wijs

Berlinde Deman

creator Berlinde Deman

Laura Varache

project manager MusicLX

Sophie Blussé

director Jazz International Rotterdam

Iman Spaargaren

creator Iman Spaargaren

Julie Campiche

creator Julie Campiche

Ramon van Merkenstein

creator Ramon van Merkenstein

Mark Alban Lotz

creator Mark Alban Lotz
director Jazz On The Sofa
member governing board BIM

Gabriele di Franco

creator Gabriele di Franco

Hilde Spille

partner and booking agent at Paperclip Agency 
talent buyer at Conincx Pop Festival
founder and mental coach for musicians at Compass for Creatives

Frank van der Kooij

programmer Sound of Europe festival

Philippe Lemm

creator Philippe Lemm

Krzysztof Kobylinski

creator Krzysztof Kobylinski
director Palmjazz Fest
director Jazovia Cultural Centre

Sign up for Stepping Stone

Leave your details in the form below, and we will shortly add you to the list of signatories. Feel free to use the name and logo of Stepping Stone to express that you are part of this community. download


If you embrace the Stepping Stone principles, either in your own practice or with a project or initiative you are involved in, and want to find a common ground in Stepping Stone, please get in touch. Being part of Stepping Stone does not entail having to tick certain boxes or meet formal requirements. It is a statement that says “I (want to) work like this too, in my own way, and share my knowledge and experiences with others.”

It all starts with a musician or music professional who has a desire to create something and who takes ownership for this. Bottom-up change can occur when people are connected to others and find common ground and inspiration to collaborate and co-create.

Everything that is meaningful in our lives comes from longer-term commitment and friendship. We aim at long-term connections and personal contacts, especially also for the creators, and not only above their heads.

Nobody can change you but yourself; you create your own future by taking responsibility for your own personal development and the world around you. We wish to inspire this responsibility and action-taking in ourselves and each other.

Committed to contribute and share
We contribute and share our knowledge and experience and get different perspectives and insights in return. This opens up space for creativity and collective power to emerge. ‘Alone we go faster, together we go further.’

Other values we hold in high regard, are open-mindedness (we are open to new ideas and possibilities, we are willing to let go of old beliefs that no longer serve us or keep us from seeing anew and we embrace the unknown), appreciative (we open our hearts and appreciate what is, without judging whether it is good or bad, as this opens up new possibilities that are ready to emerge and provides the positive energy to make this happen), supportive (as social beings we love to take care of each other. Giving makes us happy and our lives more meaningful; we embrace this as a powerful basis of our community), and playful (life should not be hard. It is in our nature to be happy and light-hearted, which is also the essence of what music brings. By bringing playfulness in our way of working we experience pleasure and flow, feel connected and creative).

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