Generation Next

Concept development, Programming, Talent Selection & Coaching
from 2015 – present

In 2015, we initiated a series in which young musical talent (in the jazz and contemporary genre) would take center stage. We identified a lack of opportunities as well as quality coaching on how to use these opportunities to further develop their artistic careers. Powered by TINC developed the musical concept, takes care of the talent selection and coaching of the young talents.

Dock Zuid

Concept development, Musical Programming & New Concepts
from 2017 – present

“Dock Zuid” is an inspiring environment for creative music. ‘Powered by TINC’ iniated an ideal musical environment. A space where musicians can explore their ideas to the fullest, inspire each other ànd their city. “Dock Zuid” is a unique musical workingplace, which combines musical excellence to entrepreneurship.
‘Powered by TINC’ often collaborates with “Dock Zuid” for events and international productions. Based in a landmark of the beautiful city of Breda, called De Faam (till 2014 in business as a producer of sweets). The city is ideally situated in the South of the Netherlands, exactly halfway between Amsterdam and Brussels.


Sound of Europe festival

Concept development & Programming
from 2016 – present

In 2018, a new festival emerges from the Chassé Theater. Powered by TINC developed the musical concept, positioning exciting new music from European artists at its core. Music which can be linked to classical traditions and have a sense of aesthetics, perfectly suiting the well-equipped venue and beautiful city which lacked a venue and festival for jazz and contemporary music.