"Telderman is one of Europe's new major jazz musicians. He is able to blend together influences from jazz, classical, and pop in a completely original way, thus creating a unique personal style. Pianist Telderman is particularly well known for his beautiful melody lines and the emotional depth of his music. Moreover, his playing is warm, lyrical, technically sublime and dares to seek contact with the audience during concerts.”


“If you need to categorize these three inventive musicians, you cannot avoid the use of the word ‘super’. A super trio therefore. Chamber music in pretty near impossible variations.”

Festival highlight!”

A remarkable balance of strong, independent personalities led pianist Rogier Telderman begin 2018 to invite Polish violinist Adam Bałdych and French cellist Vincent Courtois to a musical adventure. Twenty- four hours after their first encounter the three musicians performed together on stage at a prestigious jazz festival. Thanks to the unique spirit of trust and their genuine musical curiosity, the performance created a musical form where ideas on sound, impact of contrast and silence are combined with attractiveness. Where freedom is paradoxically managed with utmost rigour and attentiveness. 

The musicians released music on prestigious labels ECM Records and ACT Records and collaborated with artists like Marius Neset, Louis Sclavis, Thomas Strønen, Michel Petrucciani, Nik Bartsch and Lars Danielsson.


Rogier Telderman pours out melodies like a heady wine from a bottle that’ll never even come close to reaching empty. The pianist leads a trio that keeps every glass full… Seriously enchanting.”


A composition assignment by the November Music festival led to this group. Later on to showcase at the inJazz and Classical:NeXt festivals, performing at festivals as Jazz International Rotterdam and Wonderfeel.

line-up; Rogier Telderman (p), Efe Erdem (trb), Mark Alban Lotz (fl), Alex Simu (clt)

TELDERMAN ft TEMKO & Nik Bärtsch

A one-of collaboration at the November Music 2016 festival with Swiss pianist Nik Bärtsch and the contemporary minimal group TEMKO. Performing compositions by Bärtsch and Telderman.

You can listen to a recording of this live-concert here.

TELDERMAN sessions

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